How is AI revolutionizing car inspections? ​

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to motor vehicle inspections is a ground-breaking revolution now within reach. I hope you enjoy the read


A comparative evaluation, tips and examples to speed up your vehicle inspections

Backed by figures and interviews, we will begin by reviewing AI’s impact on the automotive sector, currently undergoing far-reaching changes.
We will then give you a glimpse of what is happening under the bonnet: from the various aspects of motor vehicle inspection to the main differences from manual inspection, including the prime role that people play in the process.
And because the issues at stake are different for each type of vehicle usage, there’s nothing better than a test in real-life conditions.
Through this report, you will learn how AI is opening up new fields of business and boosting productivity and efficiency in motor vehicle inspection testing… among other things.

Vision and market outlook:the automotive sector moves into top gear with AI

- Understanding AI
- AI is an opportunity for all industrial-scale operations
- The automotive market is ready for AI 
- From the factory to reconditioning: the vehicle life cycle 
 - Towards new motor vehicle inspection standards

From manual inspections to automated inspections: a look under the hood  

- The steps in an automated motor vehicle inspection
- [Common misconceptions]  Ease of use, reliability, accessibility 
- The benefits of artificial intelligence-powered motor vehicle inspection
- [Match] Manual vs automated inspections
- What role do humans play in automated inspections?

Use case and feedback: crash test

- Use case: crash test in actual conditions
- BCA: redefining the standards for motor vehicle inspections in Europe
- Is automated vehicle inspection right for my business?


What does AI represent today? 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a machine to imitate the intelligence of a human being.
Especilally on the collection and interpretation of data and statistics, the creation of mind maps stored on servers and machine learning.
GPS systems, driver-assistance systems and ABS systems, for example, all use AI.
To reproduce human cognition, AI-powered devices draw
342 billion dollars : This is the amount of revenue generated by the AI market in 2021, all industry sectors combined. [1]
+44% : Artificial intelligence could boost companies’ profit-earning capacity by nearly 38% in the period up to 2035.  The figure rises to 44%  for the transport and logistics sector. [2]
74 % : Of the companies that invest in AI do so to improve their productivity.[3]
541 million vehicles are inspected per year worldwide [4]



billion dollars

amount of revenue in 2021 (1)



profit-earning capacity

transport and logistics sector (2)



of the companies

improve their productivity (3)



million vehicles

inspected per year worldwide (4)


The Experts who participated in the creation of the e-book


Louis-David Benyayer

Scientific co-director

ESCP Business School


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Sébastien Masseret

Business Manager

Michelin Tire Monitoring


Concrete answers to understand why and how AI is revolutionizing automotive inspections

“Did you know that AI generated revenues of 342 billion dollars in 2021, all markets combined?”
“Do you know the main differences between a manual inspection and an automated inspection?”
“How long do you think it takes to incorporate an AI solution into an inspection process?”

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