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Michelin and Connected Mobility

Around the world and across all industries, our customers say that they need to become more productive, cut costs, and keep people and goods safer, all while limiting their environmental impact.
Building on over 130 years of experience in manufacturing all types of tyres, Michelin continues to innovate with connected services and solutions around and beyond tyres. Michelin believes that combining all the data collected (tyres and vehicles, road conditions, driving behaviours, etc.) has the power to reveal the full relevance and potential of a connected mobility strategy.
Built with professionals’ needs in mind, these solutions are designed through ongoing co-development to meet the unique needs of every industry. As a promoter of RFID technology, Michelin aims to enable car tyres to communicate and to become a leader in tyre identification. The data collected and processed by our algorithms can quickly identify our customers’ problems so they can implement appropriate solutions, and also offers genuine insights into their business to boost their profits.
The Group is on the cutting edge of tyre technology and an expert in tyre use, and is now using data to help transform car maintenance for a more sustainable world.